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Top Things to Know as Temporary Foreign Worker Canada

If you are planning to be a temporary worker in Canada, you need to know a number of things before you get started. For instance, as a traveler, you must have a visitor visa to go to Canada for either short-term study, tourism, to visit your loved ones, or even for a brief business visit. This information needs to be broken down so that you can find it easy to get all details required to have a smooth and successful visit to Canada. There is a lot of information out there but this guide will highlight critical things that you need to have at your fingertips.

One, you need to know about a super visa which is a program purely tailored to allow grandparents and parents to enjoy a temporary stay of up to two years in Canada. Additionally, note that this program has a validity of ten years. It is not like an ordinary regular visitor visa which just permits one to stay in Canada for not more than six months per entry. Hence, if you want to have a prolonged stay with your parents or even grandparents, this is the right visa program to apply for. You'll want to learn more about temporary foreign worker canada details.

It is also good to know about a student visa where for one to qualify for it, he or she must have admission to a learning institution. Students applying for this type of visa are only allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours during the regular study period and 40 hours weekly during the study breaks. If you are always looking for a chance to earn an extra coin while still taking your studies, this visa program is quite good for you. You even get more time to double your earning during study breaks.

The other type of visa program is tailored to suit international students in Canada. This means once you are done with your study program, you can apply for a visa program for a post-graduate work permit. This ideally gives you a limitless chance to stay in Canada. You can also apply for a work permit to allow you to work temporally in Canada during your stay there. Do look up how to become a temporary foreign worker canada.


After knowing all these points, it is good to look for a reputable agency to help and advise you accordingly. The best one in this case if the one that treats you like a VIP. The agency should be very professional when it comes to preparing your documents with the aim of having a robust case that will increase your chances of giving the visa program of your choice. To know if the agency has what it takes to offer the best services, take time to carry out some research online and check if they are very well rated by the customers who have used their services before you. Their mission and vision should match with your aspirations to visit Canada. Going through the profiles of the staff is also a big plus.

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